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Modern and High Fashion Photography, Product Photography and Video Marketing

Highly experienced in multi-cultural Events.

Contemporary Wedding Photography with a Modern Flair. For the modern Bride who wants more than just average photos.
I create both unique and personal artistic heirloom, high fashion photographs that will increasingly become more valuable and priceless overtime.

Finding the right Photographer is important. Choosing the right Photographer with a great attitude means having a fun event.
Visit us at a no-obligation meeting and view our portfolios. We would like to hear about your plans, wants and needs for your project and special event.

We have extensive experience in woman only events, multi-day events, and cultural events. We offer albums, parent albums, prints and full resolution images online and/or Flash Drives, as well as instant download and access.

(We also offer up to 3-4 hour engagement sessions-good for those who want a variety of locations, clothes changes, poses, sunset shots with daylight scenery shots, etc.)

All Wedding Investment Hours Include:
*Individually edited images (no batch processing)
*Watermark Free
*Personal Use Printing Rights 
*Unlimited pictures taken
*Online Gallery to share with friends and family.
*Online Slideshow available for free when requested.

Inquire about our unique no-interest installment plans.

Book a free Phone or In-Person consultation.

BOOK HERE: https://kbwoafomrwwqoprhcs.10to8.com

We accept Cash, Cashier's Check, Check, PayPal
4 main styles to wedding photography: 1- traditional, 2- photojournalism, 3- illustrative, 4- creative.

Traditional photography Standard portraits of the Bridal Party and family - close-up and full length. This mixed with some candid images to help tell the story of the day. This is found in most weddings.

Photojournalism / Candid No posed photographs. Pictures taken without any instruction from the photographer.

Illustrative Photos are dramatic with grand poses with chosen scenery. Every detail in the image is carefully arranged to produce a photograph with impact. Styles are similar in style to high-fashion photography. Some candid photos are the results of placing the Bride and Groom in a specific area with precise posing and lighting. It should express romance.

Creative("out of the box") images created from different vantage points/ different angles. Should be playfully fun images.

Product and Video Commercial / Marketing  Investment:

*Individually edited images (no batch processing)
*Watermark Free

We personalize according to your specific project needs.


[email protected] or
[email protected]

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Prices and terms subject to change without notice.


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